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Save 25% on the Summer Essentials

Here is how to save 25% on your Ollie B. Summer Essentials

  • Just add any Oliver Bentleys products to your cart.
  • Enter Promo Code "SE2018" in the box below the shopping cart.
  • Save 25%!
  • Offer not valid in combination with other promotional codes.
  • Discount applies only to month 1 of Biscuit Club shipments
  • Offer Expires 6-15-2018

Our Most Popular Summer Essentials For The Dog On The GO....

Ollie B. Biscuit BITES
~ Because when you and your dog are on the go your pup could use a quick nibble and reward for being a good dog and our Bites are the 'pawfect' stop and munch treat to reward and fortify your sweet pup(s) as, together, you run into the summer months

Ollie B. Botanical Bath Shampoo Bars
~ Because when you're a dog on the go sometimes "dirt happens"! Nothings like our hand-made bath bars to give a quick wash to keep your pups coat clean & shinny, skin conditioned & healthy. Your dog will smell like a summer breeze... until he/she rolls in the next "I must get that scent on me" spot they find.

Ollie B. Earth Friendly B-2 Bomber Bags
~ Because the dog on the go sometimes has to "go". Our thoughtfully made #2 bags are earth friendly and fully compostable. Made from all natural vegetable resins (zero plastic) our dog waste bags are a summer dogs essential item to have close by at all times

- BITES for happy munching on the go
- BATH BAR for keeping clean and fresh after a summers day of play
- B-2 BOMBER BAGS for when mother nature calls and you want to be kind to her in return

Enjoy - Woof,