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Functional Food Toppers

We don’t want to eat the same thing every day, so why would our dogs? Dogs love variety in what they eat, but abruptly changing their food can lead to stomach upset. If your otherwise healthy dog is refusing to eat, it could be he or she is just bored with plain kibble.

When our dogs won’t eat, many of us resort to giving them table scraps or breaking up some treats into their bowl, but that can cause just as much stomach upset as a kibble change. Many foods for humans are harmful or even toxic to dogs. And both human foods and dog treats can contain way more calories than your furry friend needs, which can cause weight gain and a host of other health problems.

Ollie B. Functional Food Toppers are the perfect way to add variety, flavor, and nutrition to your dog’s mealtime.

Safe and Healthy: You’ve been giving your dog Ollie B. Biscuits & Bites for years, so you know we only use wholesome, high-quality, identifiable ingredients proven to be safe and beneficial for dogs. Our formulas are 100% natural and chemical free. No salt, artificial flavors, colors, or fillers.

Convenient: There’s no special food prep involved. Just shake the Food Topper over your dog’s kibble! No more crumbing up biscuits or pulling apart pieces of leftovers. Your hands stay clean.

Effective: Fine grounds ensure even distribution of nutritious Food Topper throughout your dog’s food. The particles are small enough to thoroughly mix into dog food so your dog can't pick out the “good stuff” and leave the rest of their food in the bowl.

Available in 4.5oz and 9.5oz sizes and 9.5oz REFILL BAGS.

Feeding Guidelines
Large dogs (over 75 pounds): 2 tablespoons per day
Medium dogs (26-75 pounds): 1½ tablespoon per day
Small dogs (up to 25 pounds): 1 tablespoon per day

*There are approximately 32 tablespoons in the 9.5oz jar and 16 tablespoons in the 4.5oz jar.